The CARA Show!

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"The CARA Show!" 

Date: September 23rd, 2023


Record Release Show @ Capri Social Club in Brooklyn, New York to support Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Research and Resources

** The "CARA Show!" will be the official record release show for the CARA album - a collection of songs written by Anna Paddock.  

Cara Belle has a rare disease known as Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (type 10).  BBS is characterized by renal disease, obesity, polydactyly, and most notably - retinitis pigmentosa - an eye disease that causes retinal degeneration and severe vision loss. Please join us in donating to the Institute of Vision Research, specifically the hopeful work of Dr Arlene Drack! She is researching patients with BBS-10 (Cara's specific type of BBS) and working hard with the hope to develop a gene therapy treatment for retinal degeneration caused by mutations in the BBS-10 gene.  Cara is currently partaking in Dr Drack's research group. 

Tickets are limited, and not everyone lives in New York, so please consider donating here as we work to reach our goal of supporting this research.  We are so grateful! 

Love Anna & Patrick 

A little about the album: 

This 5 song collection tells stories from the season of life when Anna's third child was born and diagnosed with a rare disease known as Bardet-Biedl Syndrome.  This provocative EP is both weighty and groovy.  It ranges from tender to sarcastic and is an intimate portrait of Anna's experience in the hospital, ICUs, and dealing with the mysteries of life-and-death situations.  They are stories of light in the darkness.  The cover art was brilliantly done by cartoonist, Liana Ficnk, capturing the essence of a mother and child in the spotlight: Often unwanted spotlight, but a light in the dark, nonetheless.  The "CARA" EP was written and produced by Anna Paddock and recorded at Mason Jar Music in Brooklyn, New York. 

Listen to the album HERE

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