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Continental Crossings

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Continental Crossings

What is Continental Crossings?

Hello! We are the University of Iowa Chapter of Bridges to Prosperity, and we are helping rural Nicaragua overcome a dangerous problem: 4 months of sustained flooding. During Nicaragua's rainy season, rivers across the country rise to dangerous levels, separating communities from schools, clinics, markets, and other basic necessities. Our group helps fund, design, and construct suspended pedestrian bridges in communities that suffer from rural isolation. With a bridge, schoolchildren no longer need to swim across rushing waters on their way to class. With a bridge, farmers no longer need to wait for water levels to fall in order to sell their crops. With a bridge, the sick can get treatment no matter how bad the weather may be. 


In our 13 years as an organization we have built a total of seven bridges in the countries of Nicaragua, Zambia, and Peru. However, before we can build a bridge our organization puts on fundraising events, and this year we're using GOLDrush to raise the money needed for our 2018 build, which will take place May 14 - July 1, 2018.


This year, our team will be working with communities near the Pentanal barrio of Granada, Nicaragua. Together, we will build a suspended bridge that connects hundreds of rural community members to resources and opportunities across the river. In fact, this bridge will lead directly to a local school, the Grenada Christian Education Center, ensuring that students never miss class due to rain.  


Our bridges provide safe access to cities year-round for the rural villagers—not just during the rainy season. Because of this access, 24% more villagers receive healthcare than before a bridge was built and 12% more children are attending school. Our bridges also promote business. Studies have shown 15% economic growth in these communities including 18% more women in the workforce. The connection to these resources benefits the community for decades after our travel team has left. But to continue connecting rural Nicaragua, we need your help.

Every dollar raised goes directly to the bridge and the impact we have far outlasts the construction. In short, your donation will change lives! 



You Can Help! 

The cost to build a bridge is not cheap hence why still so many people around the world lack this commodity. We need your help to provide funds so that we can buy the materials that are necessary to build the bridge. The money will go to the materials, transportation costs, and food. A contribution, at any level, is greatly appreciated! 



NOTICE: The University of Iowa Center for Advancement is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization soliciting tax-deductible private contributions for the benefit of the University of Iowa. Please visit the UI Center for Advancement disclosures site for additional information.



Choose a giving level


A Crosby clamp

If you would like to STABILIZE the cables on the bridge, a donation of $10 will pay for a Crosby clamp.


6 meter long rebar

If you would like to REINFORCE the work we are doing, a donation of $15 will cover the cost for 6 meters of rebar.


A crossbeam

If you would like to STRUCTURE the decking, a donation of $20 will cover the cost of a crossbeam.


Anti-corrosive paint

If you would like to PROTECT the bridge, a donation of $30 will cover the cost for all the anticorrosive paint we will use!


Day of work

If you would like to CEMENT the bridge, a donation of $40 will pay the salary of a mason for a day of work.


4' chain link fence

If you would like to GUARD the users of the bridge, a gift of $90 will cover the cost for 33 meters of 4' chain link fence.


CMU blocks

f you want to RAISE the bridge, a gift of $220 will cover the costs for all the CMU blocks for the towers.


75 meter cable

If you would like to SUPPORT the bridge, a gift of $900 will buy 75 meter cable for handrails.

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