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Filling The Space

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Filling The Space

About Us

We are students in ENTR:3500, Social Entrepreneurship, that are continuing a venture started by Fall 2016’s Social Entrepreneurship course. Currently, The Space is acting as a blank canvas for about forty creative entrepreneurs to personalize and implement real life project plans from designing bathroom facilities to hosting educational events to putting student made artwork on the walls as their midterm assignments. We want to create and foster an environment that will enrich learning and be a memorable part of the university experience. We are the students of today building the classroom of tomorrow.


The Space

Too often, students are stuck in nearly windowless rooms with old, worn-out desks, while still staring at the same chalkboard that has been in a classroom since the beginning of the school itself. Over time, students were asked what they wanted to learn throughout their time in higher education. Students overwhelmingly decided that mindfulness, resilience, creative collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation were concepts they wanted to expand on in order to thrive in the workforce. While they may pick up some of these skills in school, the environment that houses students is not doing enough to aide in that type of education. Traditional classrooms are a thing of the past. Students are no longer satisfied with white-walled rooms equipped with hard to use projectors and uncomfortable seats. Therefore, we bring you The Space: our take on changing the foundation of the basic classroom.


The Space is an innovative classroom designed to change the way students engage and learn in the classroom. We are striving to challenge the norm and reinvent the typical classroom setting. Being positioned on the corner of Linn St. and Bloomington St. in Iowa City, the Space’s location allows it to be immediately accessible to campus. The Space immediately differs from the standard classroom in structure: three of the four walls in The Space are windows; allowing natural light in throughout most of the day. The vision we have for the inside includes a configurable stage setup that can be arranged and rearranged for any class or event needs, a cappuccino bar, a sustainable water feature, and an environment that will help students grow the skills they desire. We are raising money to furnish The Space with a sustainable water feature and a coffee bar.


With your help, we will be able to change today’s standard view of how higher education works. The installation of the coffee bar will allow students to fuel themselves while in class and on the go. The coffee bar is also an element of our self-sustaining budget: by selling coffee in the Space, we generate a revenue stream that contributes to our available income. Coffee paired with endless event possibilities will fuel the self-sustaining aspect of the classroom.


The installation of the sustainable water feature touches on the University of Iowa’s mission to infuse sustainability into education, while also enhancing the learning environment. The Space

will be an open and safe space available to students on campus as well as providing a relaxing, natural setting. The water feature will bring a sense of calmness and enable students to focus while studying, learning, or sharing ideas.


Donate Now! 

We cannot do this without your help in funding the space and reinventing the classroom! Please make a gift today. 


Student Testimonials

  • “The Space will allow students to understand that higher education can be so much more than whitewashed walls and a projector. It will induce a creative mindset in students pursuing higher education.” - Will Hean, Mechanical Engineer
  • “I would like to add a clearly marked recycling bin so that the Space can give back to the environment and prove to promote sustainable practices.” - Gorden Rhutasel, Health and Human Physiology
  • “I think once The Space is launched it will have a huge impact, and I think it could have the capability to be viewed on a national level. I think it will really give students a new outlook on learning and change the aspects they value about the environments they learn and study in.” - Victoria Castelluccio, International Studies, Entrepreneurship
  • “Since I want to open my own business, this project will help me greatly in starting something from the ground up. This class is focusing on how we can make The Space become a reality at the University of Iowa. By creating the space, it is showing me how to create something from just an idea.” - Paige Wagler, Enterprise Leadership


NOTICE: The University of Iowa Center for Advancement is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization soliciting tax-deductible private contributions for the benefit of the University of Iowa. Please visit the UI Center for Advancement disclosures site for additional information.

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Herky Donor

Your gift of $10 could help purchase one sleeve of compostable/zero waste cups, mason jars or mugs, and/or sealant to install the water fountain.


Hawkeye Donor

Your gift of $25 could cover the cost of paint for the water feature and/or supplies and utensils for the coffee bar.


Bronze Donor

Your gift of $50 could help cover the cost to purchase a chair for the coffee bar and/or piping installation for the water feature.


Silver Donor

Your gift of $100 could help purchase a large coffee maker for the coffee bar and/or a water pump for the fountain.


Gold Donor

Your gift of $250 could help purchase an espresso machine for the coffee bar and/or a tier for the water feature.


Platinum Donor

Your generous gift of $1,000 could help cover the cost of a base for the water feature and/or a counter for the coffee bar.

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