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UI College of Public Health Faculty and Staff Campaign

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UI College of Public Health Faculty and Staff Campaign

College of Public Health Development Fund

This fund provides unrestricted support for the College of Public Health and is an important resource for special programs and educational opportunities that may fall outside the college’s existing budget. Gifts may provide much-needed support for areas of greatest need.


Staff Professional Development Fund

The CPH Staff Development fund is managed by CPH Staff Council and enhances our strong culture of engagement and participation.  Gifts to this fund will provide support for programs, events, awards or scholarships with the intent to provide the greatest impact and appeal. 


Enhance Student Diversity Fund

The College is committed to recruiting and retaining diverse classes of students who will be well-educated citizens with the necessary skills to develop, implement, and evaluate effective public health solutions of the future. Gifts contributed to this fund provide  scholarships and other forms of financial support for minority students in any of the College’s educational programs.


CPH Undergraduate Student Scholarship Fund

This general scholarship fund helps attract and support high potential students to the CPH Undergraduate Program, who will go on to meet the growing demand for entry level public health workers and/or continue advancing their careers through graduate studies.


College of Public Health Graduate Scholarship Fund

This general scholarship fund provides opportunities for graduate students in any of the five represented disciplines and may be used to support research and service learning activities.


Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy

This fund provides program support for the Institute to foster new collaborations, within and outside the University of Iowa, bringing together faculty, staff, students, researchers, healthcare organizations, providers, citizens, community leaders, private partners and policy makers to help improve population health and shape and inform public health policy. Current initiatives include: Collaboratories, Public Policy Fellows, Invest Health, Global Case Competition, Executive-in-Residence, and Healthy LifeStars.


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NOTICE: The University of Iowa Center for Advancement is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization soliciting tax-deductible private contributions for the benefit of the University of Iowa. Please visit the UI Center for Advancement disclosures site for additional information.


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