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Peer Mentoring for Tippie Students

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Peer Mentoring for Tippie Students

FINAL UPDATE:  It is amazing and humbling to witness your remarkable generosity! Thank YOU so much to you, each and every one of our donors, for helping us reach and surpass our stretch goal and thus meeting both challenges from our matching donors! We are incredibly grateful for your efforts and contributions to this campaign. Thank you! 


UPDATE: Thanks to your remarkable generosity, we have met the challenge set by our first matching donor! Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal!

We also received a new challenge from a NEW matching donor! The new matching donor is going to match $2 for each $1, starting from the current total of $4,500! The total amount of the donation match is offered for $5,000, which means that our campaign needs to reach the stretch goal of $7,000 by Friday to unlock the full donation offered by our new matching donor!  Please help us reach our new timed goal and TRIPLE your impact! Thank you!



We are delighted to announce that we have a matching donor for the first $1,000 raised between today (October 1) and Wednesday (October 3) of our campaign public launch week!  We raised $3,000 last week during the campaign's "soft launch" phase, so in order to unlock the matching $1,000, we need to reach  $4000 in total by Wednesday, October 3. Help us reach this timed goal and double your impact! Thank you! 


"When I first came to the University of Iowa, I immediately joined a mentor program as a mentee. I fell in love with that program because it gave me so much insight and so much opportunity to interact with people who were like me, who had the same interests as me, and I just got to learn from them. That is why I became a mentor. 

A lot of people think that when you go to college, you just sit in a classroom, take tests and you graduate. There is so much more that goes into a college experience. Peer mentoring is one of those opportunities that people have to excel, not only in their academics, but also in their personal lives, their emotional lives, and who they are as an individual." 

    -- Ariana Smith, BizEdge Mentor and Coordinator of Student Diversity Initiatives


Our story

The Tippie College of Business is building a strong tradition of diversity initiatives and support for students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Launched in 2017, the Tippie College of Business BizEdge Mentoring Program is one such initiative, designed specifically to support underrepresented and first-generation undergraduate students interested in business and entrepreneurship.

Peer mentoring is an essential experience for students to have in order to thrive in an academic environment.  It is even more relevant for first-generation or underrepresented students, who not only have to succeed academically, but also navigate through and adapt to a different kind of environment. The opportunity for these students to be able to connect with someone who was in their shoes and who can help them in specific ways related to their experience and background is vital for their success in their academic environment.

BizEdge gives first-generation and underrepresented students such an opportunity, to connect with other business students who have been through the same kind of experience in adjusting to the University of Iowa campus and culture. In other words, it gives students a chance to connect with someone who is like them, who looks like them, and who can support and guide them in ways that are unique to their experience and background.


Our history

The BizEdge Mentoring Program has been built as a culmination of two other Tippie College diversity initiatives: the Gateway Program and The Iowa Edge.

The Gateway Program is a free, on-campus summer experience designed to increase understanding of business majors for high school juniors from backgrounds underrepresented in business. Through the Gateway Program, these potential future Tippie students get to experience life on campus, and get a sense of what they can do with a business degree. They meet Tippie students, professors, alumni, and business professionals and get a head start on transitioning from high school to college. 

The Iowa Edge program started in the Tippie College of Business, sponsored by Tippie alumnus and donor Kevin Gruneich, and is now a campus-wide initiative for underrepresented and first-generation college students. Through this exciting program, students meet faculty and campus leaders who support them during their college experience, build community with a group of their peers, and develop leadership skills for academic and personal success.

The BizEdge program builds on the Gateway and Iowa Edge programs and focuses on those first-generation and underrepresented students who are admitted Tippie students, pre-business students, and other students who have an interest in business and entrepreneurship.


Our impact

Through the peer mentoring process, the BizEdge program develops leaders who support and empower others. Program participants, mentors and mentees, are carefully selected by recommendations from academic advisors and a formal application process. Mentors undergo specialized training to equip them with the skills and knowledge to support their mentees as they transition into the university.

Mentor training covers and includes a variety of topics such as: mentoring, building community, soft business skills, cultural and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, resume refinement, stress management, networking, job hunting, effective communication methods, summer internship preparation, navigating career paths, and more.

 The BizEdge Mentoring Program gives students the tools to unlock more of their hidden potential and an invaluable hands-on experience that refines their leadership skills and helps them thrive not only during their time at the Tippie College of Business but also in their future careers.


Your impact

Supporting the BizEdge Mentoring Program helps cover peer mentor stipends and thus provides them the possibility to help their younger peers and motivate them to become mentors themselves in the future. This will create a wonderful cycle that builds community, creates more opportunities for students to get engaged as leaders and mentors, and helps the next generation get the support they need to grow into being mentors and leaders themselves.

Being able to offer stipends to peer mentors is helping these students by them not having to seek additional part-time jobs to support themselves. This would help them focus on their mentoring responsibilities and give them more time to allocate to their mentees, which will result in a high-quality mentoring support system.

In addition, supporting peer mentoring for underrepresented and first-generation students at Tippie gives a powerful message that the college welcomes them, respects and appreciates them, and wants to help them not only to make it through their degree programs but to thrive while being on the University of Iowa campus and in the Tippie College of Business.

Please join the Tippie College of Business in helping first-generation and underrepresented students be the best mentors and role models to their peers. 

Thank you! 


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Your gift would reflect the total number of mentees (40) and mentors (29) in the Bizedge program since its inception.



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Your gift would reflect the number of mentees one mentor can have in the BizEdge program (1 or 2 or 3).



Your gift would reflect the total number of hours that have been put into BizEdge mentoring and community building activities.



Your gift would cover a semester of mentoring and community building activities from one mentor in the BizEdge program.



Your gift would cover a monthly BizEdge social and mentoring training event.



Your gift would reflect the numbers of mentors (15) and mentees (25) in the BizEdge program during 2018-2019.

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